Welcome to Lundsbrunn Resort & Spa

The historic wells milieu is still alive here. It is easy to imagine the health resort guests of the 1700s strolling with open parasols to shade them from the sun, on the daily walk around the wells, while others stood before the Brunnskyrkan church discussing Mr von Linné’s latest discoveries. Our hotel rooms are located in several different buildings, each one with their own style.

The various buildings of the Kurort health resort are decorated in order to provide different types of rooms to meet different needs, singles for those of you travelling alone, family rooms for those who wish to stay together, two types of double room for couples or friends, as well as a suite for that special celebration.

The Kurort health resort comprises a group of different historical buildings around the park with the well (Brunnsparken) and the little hill. Every building has its own character and history to relate.

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