How we are incorporating sustainability!

Here at Lundsbrunn Resort & Spa our main focus has always been to work with local suppliers and producers wherever we can.
Some of our sustainability initiatives include careful selection of chemicals, efficient management of food waste, well-planned waste sorting, new, modern energy-efficient appliances and technology, organic products as far as possible and much more. Environmental thinking is incorporated into every element of our operation; for example, we will be offering charging points for electric cars, encouraging guests to reuse towels to reduce CO2 emissions and offering better package prices for guests who stay multiple nights, etc.

Digital rather than printed information

We have chosen to provide guest information in digital form via screens in our hotel rooms and communal areas in order to reduce paper consumption. This not only ensures that guests receive up-to-date information quicker, since there’s no waiting for deliveries of printed material, but it’s also better for the environment.
Around 90% of our marketing is digital, again helping to reduce paper consumption.

Local partnerships

We have partnerships with local businesses, so our guests can enjoy eco-friendly activities such as cycling, golf, padel, hiking and local walks. Of course, we also offer in-house activities such as yoga, aqua aerobics, etc. All this is available locally, so no unnecessary travel is required to stay active.

Locally produced food

Our restaurant policy is to always use locally grown, locally produced and organic ingredients as far as possible. Our guests should feel that all our dishes have been lovingly and expertly prepared, using carefully sourced ingredients – from farm to fork, from forest to fork, etc. This naturally applies all year round, whatever the season. Guests should feel assured that they know exactly what to expect when dining with us, and we naturally hope that this will attract guests who set great store by our philosophy.

Thriving community

We hope that our family rooms will encourage families to holiday with us. Families who want to spend time together and enjoy everything that nature has to offer, with fantastic hiking trails and enchanting scenery at picturesque Lundsbrunn and fascinating Kinnekulle just down the road, with a whole host of wonderful vistas. Not forgetting all the sports activities we mentioned earlier. We want to attract visitors to a thriving and sustainable community.

Local workforce

More guests means more jobs. We recruit our employees from the local area, and supported by a strong ownership team, our organisation exudes a real sense of team spirit, which we hope filters through to our guests.

If you find yourself longing to return as soon as you leave – then we’ve done our job!